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Conversation Between Rongue and Tsuki.

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  1. Thats good, mine was great yesterday! I went fishing with friends, and then went to eagle point park, and then we had icecream at like 9 PM at night. XD
    Got a lot of weird looks as always too, so overall yesterday was good/ super awesome!

    Oh and please don't worry about the rep, it's cool. I don't even take rep seriously on this site due to some people having such high rep when they really don't deserve it. ( You deserve your high rep. ^^ )
  2. >< Still. Sorry. D:
    Oh, and np bout the gift. ><

    My day was great and yours? ^^;;
  3. No big deal. We all make mistakes.
    So hows your day?
  4. Feel free to shoot me for my idiocy. D:
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