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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and MNX3

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  1. it's ok i hope i did not offend
  2. never mind
  3. yup stalkers. the only pics of me are on a couple of my friends FB pages, but those are from this party/prom thing we had since we're freshmen starting soon.
  4. stalkers?!
    this is funny but I'm not a stalker
  5. ohhhhh........I kinda figured cuz of your name. and i don't use a computer. this is wii internet cause my computer sucks and i don't like when my face is posted on places cause theres a thing called stalkers over here.
  6. well...I'm from the Middle East{Arab World}
    btw you need to change your profile pic{don't be shy,put a pic for you}I want to see your face
  7. way to be SO descriptive *sarcasm*
  8. I'm from the other side.....
  9. where are you from? i don't think i got the chance to ask.
  10. oh!? sorry about that
    can you repeat your question?,please
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