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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and Simphoni

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  1. hey! i have returned from my vacation! yea i heard of it but i havn't seen it yet. and my friends rock, but one is having a b-day and wants me to do something! idk what to do! help!
  2. U have seriously AWESOME friends!!
    How can I have any prefrences?!
    Every anime I've ever seen are seriously cool!!

    Have u ever heard of WithchBlade?
  3. me too! my friends and I have our own karakura super attack! and i have seen ALOT of animes i can reccomend if you want, just tell me your preferences
  4. Don Kanonji?!
    That guy makes me laugh!!
    He's a real softy that 1

    Wat other Anime's do u watch?
  5. i like them all! even don kanonji!
  6. OMG!!!!!! LOL!!!!
    I love Bleach!! It's like 1 of the most coolest and inspirational animation ever!!

    Between the 2 of us, who do u think is the hottest guy and girl there?!
  7. I love bleach! It's my first shonen manga and my favoruite anime!
  8. I see.........I see.........
    I've been gettin' that lately

    I have a 3 week vacation, so LUCKY ME!!!!!
    Hey?! R u a Bleach fan?
  9. we don't leave til july though so now it's R&R for me.
  10. Vacation with the family is always nice
    Especially after u've aced all ur exams!!

    Enjoy it, I'll miss u!!
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