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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and Simphoni

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  1. you can tell alot through videogames! girly=pansy. and i love naruto! dattebyo!
  2. I can tell!!
    Doesn't it depend on what games u play
    What if it's one of those girly videogames??!!

    I'm more of a fighting game type of girl
    If there is no type of fighting or blood............Then it's my type of game!!
    That reminds me!!

    Have u ever heard of Naruto??!!
  3. She's really cool too! and videogames make friendships bloom!
  4. Ur friend sounds SERIOUSLY cool!!!!! I love anime but 2 me...........Video games can be ANY-ONES best friend!! :P
  5. this friend doesn't care for jewelry or anything like that. She prefers anything to do with anime, music, or videogames, or anything she finds cool. but yea i had alot of fun!
  6. At least u got her something!! I would really like a necklace and bracelet set
    Jewellery is a irls best friend!!

    Seems like u had fun!!
  7. i did give her a gift! a necklace and bracelet set that looked epic! then instead of me singinu, i led a conga line and we slid down the stairs. it had carpet!
  8. I don't know wat to tellu to sing??!! I just sang a song thought my friend liked most!! Have u thought about giving ur friend an actual gift?

    Like for a girl..........A whole new outfit
    I don't wat to give a guy

    I wish I could be more help!!
  9. i did enjoy it! and idk what to sing cuz just about her whole family will be there! i think i might just write something T-T
  10. I hope u njoyed ur vacation!!
    About ur friends b-day?
    Try singing?? It only works once......Trust me on THAT 1
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