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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and Simphoni

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  1. i gotta start my training, first break i had all summer is now! i been watching OVAs alot and i still have a couple mangas to finish. how is your summer?
  2. I finished all of mine!! So I'm happy they're all over and done with!!
    I'm doing okay in anime
    Awesome in Manga
    In school is well.... School!! LoL
    I did pretty bad in sports this year!! But I'm gonna train harder this year to do even better next year!! ^^
    Thanx for asking!!

    And how about you??!! How is your anime,manga and sports?!
  3. I have tests coming so i won't be on for a while, but i hope your doing good in school, anime, and sports.
  4. Aha!! Thanx!!
    I can tell!! I'm more of a sprinter than long distance!!
    But I still love Cross Country!!
    And my training isn't easy either!! But every1 is different!! People train way harder then I do most of the time!! So I shouldn't be 1 to say anything!!
  5. That's good, atleast you did well. I'm only doing long distance in track if i ever get to go, I'm more of a long distance person.
  6. Hahaha!!!! Yeah!!
    I didn't do much this year....... Just trained about a week before schools opened!!
    But I made it in Relay and 200m sprints!!!!
    I'm pretty happy about that!! But I REALLY wanted to make it in Long Jump but my best was 3.20m!!
    So........ I think i came 6th or 7th out of 13 girls!!
    So it's still good!!!
  7. Don't worry though, high school gets better. And you should really start training cuz it sucks if you wait.
  8. WOW!!!! That's a lot of drama in your life??!!
    It makes me think High School isn't so good!!.... *sob, sob* thanx for crushing my dreams!!
    But.... Miles are longer than kilometres!! So go you!!
    And I haven't even started training yet!!.... I feel so bad!! I was suppose to start in November!! Its January now!!.....
    But thanx for the Happy New Year!!
    And Happy New Year to you too!!
  9. It is! High school drama, boyfriend drama, crushes on guys who have no idea you exist, teachers hounding you, etc....this has been my only break in a while even weekends got drama! We run 3miles, anyways happy new years!
  10. That's okay!! School must be HECTIC!!!!!!! For u!!
    But no sorries needed!!!!!
    And I did you Cross Country too!!! But because of my age! The most girls can do is 3km (if you use kilometres)
    Its cool!!! To have a track friend!! ^^
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