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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and Simphoni

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  1. I've been good, a lot of things happened but it was worth everything. How are you? It's been a year lol.
  2. That is the weirdest sentence ever!!!!! A hot winter!!!!????? Aahahahahaha!! My christmas was super fun!! But I didnt get my friends anything!!!! I feel so bad!!!!
    Thats so nice!! I need to drive like 6hours to the nearest beach!!!!XD
    Im sure your friends have so much fun!!!!
    Im so planning movies with a friend of mine when our schools close!!! It'll be fun!!!!XD

    How ya been?
  3. It's a hot winter up here, almost Christmas. My date went well too and I live near the beach so in the summer I go after school with friends. Start of winter break we planned to go to the movies.
  4. Mine is gonna start in a month and like 1 weeks time!! And I wanna start in December because my school only opens in January the 8th
    But the weather here is getting hotter!!!! We've had like 3 heat waves!!!!XD
    And I wanna go to the beach soon!! But its like a 7hour drive to the nearest beach from where I live!!XD

    I'm just going to friends house and all that!!XD
  5. Sports season ended for me so now I just do math and art after school, it's gotten really cold up here but not when I can wear sweaters. The fair is coming so I made a date for then too. You?
  6. I've also been good!! WOW!! We have a lot in common!!! XD
    Over here its been getting a whole lot warmer!! Its Spring now!! So Thats awesome!!^^
    I guess for you it would be Winter!!..... Or Autumn.....
    And My sports season is over!! I didnt train at all!! So i lazed around!! But Im gonna start training in December for January athletics!! YUP!! Im gonna knock 'em dead next year!!
    Your season went well?
  7. No problem, and i been good. Its kinda getting colder but not really cold. I been reading alot of anime and manga and sleeping. Sports are killing me slowly...
  8. OH!!!!!!
    Thanx for telling me!! I never knew what it meant!! Thanx a bunch!!^^
    Im also back at school! But Ive been back for like ever now!!XD Im not sure when we started!!XD
    But how have you been!?
  9. I am back at school now so...yea. ova means original version anime, and its almost fall here
  10. Ahhhhh........ I miss training!! And I still remember how much I hated it!!XD
    I wanna watch OVA's of my old anime's....... Some of 'em I never did!!..... What does OVA stand for!!??
    Oh yeah....... Its my Winter here by me!! I've been walking around with my favourite fluffy blanket!! ^^ ITS JUST SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!XD
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