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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and Aedan the demon hunter

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  1. High school drama....etc. I get a break every now and then, I was forced into making an FB too...oh! I do sports as well.
    And you?
  2. Well enough how about you?
  3. Hey, has life been treating you?
  4. Who knows? Maybe i do
  5. The way you said that makes it sound like you have ESP.
  6. aw....poor aedan, i just get a strange feeling if they are bad. but if i make the first move they are good
  7. I can relate to that I've been back stabbed may times.
  8. I don't like talking to people that aren't like that cause they usually end up backstabbing
  9. Sounds like a good and dependable guy not many like these days.
  10. He's actually really cool and nice. He knows me well enough to know which guys to scare away. :3
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