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Conversation Between Shini and Sighanide

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  1. *appears from behind Keena*
  2. you see, i teleport. like a boss. I am darkness itself. wherever there is shadow, i can be there. MWUAHAHAHAHA. my advice is to keeps your lights on, or, well, whatever you have.
  3. Yeah, you'd see random giant robots and ninjas and martial artists flying around. Frankly, no one would ever get insurance. Yes, I was. Well, you must not have taken my route. I know a cool detour on the River Styx where it only takes like half a decade instead of the usual century!
  4. what if life is an anime, and we are just characters? new, thats not possible. The world would be a MUCH more insane place if it was. So you were Death Incarnate, i presume? I'm surprised i haven't met you, as I have done a bit of taking people to the afterlife myself.
  5. Hahaha. I loved being Death incarnate! But alas, too many people began calling me Shini and LordShinigami suddenly was no more. Now I'm just Shini. I feel like this could be an anime or something, lol
  6. is the highlight "former" or "awkward" i can't tell xD
  7. I apologize, as a former God 'o Death I tend to keep social interaction to a minimum, you hate meeting a new friend only to have to usher them on to the afterlife. Makes things awkward.
  8. you visit my page and don't say hi? D:
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