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Conversation Between chiichanny and sunnyside

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  1. hehehe okies, il keep it there then, i may change it later ^-^
  2. No. It's also adorable. I just hope you aren't actually sad, but instead just like the sig.
  3. aww want me to change it?
  4. Awwww. Your sig is so sad!
  5. that is true!
    but its sometimes rare to get comissions =(
  6. Hey. It's pretty cool to get paid to do art period. Good for you
  7. ahh no i dont have a full time job at all, i just get comissions ^^;
  8. Hey. Your deviantart stuff mentions commissions and tattoos and stuff. Is this what you do for a job? You're pretty good.

    (Total side note, Hasu just posted)
  9. Heya Sunnyside, my DA is here ^^
  10. Er drawings.
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