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Conversation Between DarkMoonPrince and redtear

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  1. Yeah we used to talk a lot. She's long gone now unless she's using a different account like i am lol.
  2. Yeah, I was Bulma's friend on here.
  3. No problem if anything I should be thanking u for making a good friend of mine feel welcome. I think I know u from way back at least as a friend of a friend. Were u bulma's friend. This is probably back in 07.
  4. Lol, thank you for fixing the problem, I only thought someone was only trying to offend me.
  5. I found it and undid it. I think it was just an accidental click since i often check posts on my phone. Really sorry about that. I kind of feel extra bad since that welcome thread was made by a good friend of mine.
  6. Wait i disliked something? What post was that. I could have just been an accidental click. Is there anyway to undo it?
  7. So, Why did you dislike my Welcome post? since it was only to welcome someone new?
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