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Conversation Between Token Black Guy and Kaitou+

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  1. Graphic Design?
  2. Oh, community college, that's why.

    Well, it's still all good. xD I think it should be obvious what I am studying.
  3. I'm studying Automotive Technology. To put it simply, I'm learning to fix cars. There's a lot of older people who lost their GM/Ford Plant jobs, and are now getting their tuition paid for by the state in this program in my community college.
  4. You should.

    What are you studying btw?
  5. Exactly. What makes it a bit worse is that the guy is a lot older than me, and is always trying to hold a conversation and give me advice on life that i don't need. I'm gonna have to sit somewhere else in class from now on.
  6. That's stupid indeed. What's the point of them going to college then...
  7. That's good, but at least you didn't just get out of class with somebody asking you for the answers to next week's homework. Some of these guys i swear are stupid or something. >_>
  8. Add me; SalamanderKnight I dont have MGS4 though.

    Been better, just finishing HW.
  9. Not Much just chillin' and playing some MGS4. How you doing bruh?
  10. Whats poppin, brah?
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