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Conversation Between Token Black Guy and Kaitou+

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  1. Oh yeah, that happened to me before. It really sucks.
  2. Hopefully i'll be able to sign up during my break this week. Dang i saved my AMV, but it's not loading back up so i can finish it. I hate it when this happens.
  3. Well, you just got to get involved. Like people are going to request VAs for their Abridge series so, yeah.

    If you care, you can become kind of famous on Youtube.
  4. Oh snap! that sounds cool!
  5. Yeah, you should.

    Maybe meet TeamFourStar. xD My friend that voice acts, did. And are actually good friends with them.
  6. I'm just using Windows Movie Maker for now. I'm taking a break because i'm halfway through the video right now. I'm actually thinking about joining that site.
  7. What software do you use for AMV making?

    Anyways, did you considered joining that site I told you to join for Voice Acting? There's good people there.
  8. Ok man. Jeez making this AMV is kinda tough! Haven't done this in a while though.
  9. Trying to make this GOTY for the VG section and AFing.
  10. Not much just chillin', making a AMV, watching Rob and Big. What's up with you?
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