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Conversation Between Token Black Guy and Kaitou+

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  1. Man, I love that movie.
  2. Yeah, but sometimes when he makes his stupid posts i want to say this to him:

  3. I plan to ignore him rather than give him attention to that disgusting worm.
  4. I see what you mean. He isn't silly, he's a sad and sick little monkey.
  5. "I actually love being silly, and if that makes people mad, then it's even funnier for me." ~VG

    See, see what I mean?
  6. That is very creepy.
  7. He's interested in Disney Channel, so he's either a pedophile or he's 12.
  8. Yeah your right. That chump needs to get out his momma's basement, smell the roses, and get a life. Until then, he's a no-necked loser who couldn't beat up a 10 year old.
  9. You know obviously he posts those disgusting things to make us mad? That's what nolifers do, they just want attention. All we got to do is lol, you know...make him get bored of us and he will move to another forum.

    Like in another forum, we had a troll by the name of "PiccoloJr". He said a lot crap, like how he wanted Spike to add Piccolo without his shoes in the next Dragonball game. He was overly obsessed with them but he denied it. He also said stupid crap like how babies and little kid don't die, they just get turned into slaves by evil people. What's hilarious he said "Evil people like Cell or Majin Buu"(lolwtf?) He also said Kuruma and Haku were girls. The thing is, unlike VG555 he was actually mentally retarded. Like any troll, at first it was hilarious but then it got annoying more importantly because he got away with it.

    Really, these people are losers and need to get a life.
  10. I guess that means VG555 is too much of a wuss to face reality. Yeah, well do you have any ideas on dealing with this troll problem?
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