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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Zainox

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  1. Sure, if always means three and a half days. And thanks!
  2. Have you always been probie mod? I don't remember seeing it on you... Well, just incase I'm not crazy and this is a new development.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    If this is old news, I apologize for my ignorance.. =_=v
  3. Also wouldn't hurt to have a variety of different starting pokemon outside the actual games starters.
  4. That's alright. :P
    I played a bit last night, not too bad. Though it can be quite laggy and they have a lot of the newer Pokemon missing. Even some from Johto.
  5. Thanks, not sure if I'll play though.
  6. You mentioned you were interested, so here is the link to that Pokemon MMO -
  7. Ignore
  8. I had to do stuff anyway. :P
    Also, as long as you don't move you shouldn't starve.
  9. I don't need to be on for the server to stay up. Not gonna be more then 20. Just disconnected so I don't starve to death.
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