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  1. Thought you said you weren't going to change your name again.
  2. Hey, I have an article up on AG.

    I appreciate the help man.
  3. Buying would be nice.
  4. I'm looking after a bunch of pets. Hard work, but money is always important. Need to buy my anime somehow.
  5. Oh, missed that, and yeah animals can be a handful. Out of curiosity, a pet of yours giving birth or are you just looking after a bunch of pets for people?
  6. Did you read the part about me leaving til May?

    Probably not. It needs an update.
  7. Don't think the current site can do what you guys want. I think the only thing the side bar can do is sort by tags. But anything posted would appear on the front page.
  8. Oh yeah. Check out the most recent VM on Kaitou+'s wall. Easier than retyping it out.
  9. Pride taken!
  10. Least you can take pride in being first.
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