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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Annie Hall

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  1. You'd make a fortune.
  2. ...Maybe I'll manufacture one on my own...using old shoe strings, a bowl, and a piece of plywood. O-O;
  3. Whooops
  4. Sorry, the price of an acoustic guitar has just shot up to 5k.
  5. I...I'm's as if my purpose in life is suddenly ...gone...

    Perhaps I'll wander the country side with an acoustic guitar, until some sadist finds me and puts me into a twisted game of human hunting...
  6. So, now that your gloating is done, what are you going to do?
  7. Hahhaha apparently so!
  8. Yay!?!
  9. In that case, bahahhahah I win, in your face xP
  10. That doesn't count.
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