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Conversation Between GameGeeks and animeotaku#1

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  1. Use mine as an example?
  2. Did feel insulted. Not that criticism is bad. I took it as you were just bashing me before I saw your message. My apologies. More towards insulting my interest rather than my review. Of course that was a draft not an actual review so that can be expected.
  3. OK, I'll give you this one. That actually made me laugh. And you want secret sauce with that?
  4. Of course you wouldn't understand. You're a college drop out who works at Micky D's apparently. Hurry up with my order!
  5. Yeah, I can take that review and apply on any anime and it'd work. So yes, generic. And insults certainly aren't going to get you picked. And if that's the way you're going to reply I'll rescind my pleasantries.
  6. Generic review? Obviously you lack intelligence. Your logic is off. If I put your 0 logic into an inverter gate you would still have a 0.
  7. Sit tight, we'll probably be looking soon. Just we're looking at a better site and anything on AG now is not being saved. Save possibly for stuff this year. And if you have any other questions feel free to ask me. Though I will tell you you will have to put more effort into a review then that since that wont be accepted. And don't take my comment to harshly since it wasn't intended to be mean.
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