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Conversation Between GameGeeks and BrockDecoy

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  1. I'm not bitter, not seeing where you got that from. Was just giving some advice on how to cool down. Don't think negatively of it.
  2. Umm, I'm confused :/
    Are you wanting me to stay or go?
    You seem abit...... bitter? :/
  3. She's not mean, just blunt. Though considering first impressions, isn't always a good trait to have. And if you find you're getting upset just step back and go elsewhere. And I'd recommend you stay away from chat.
  4. Still, I think she's very mean, she seems evil and despises/pitys my existence.

    Thank you though for talking to me about it, I appreciate it alot.
    I'll give things another go.

    I really ain't a troll, I'm actually very friendly and usually get along with almost anybody, I just am very sensitive, I can't help it though I have Autism, Aspergers & Dyspraxia.
  5. First, Blue is like that with everyone. She's just rather blunt so I wouldn't read too much into that. And like I said, people will only continue to judge you if you keep bringing it up. Things die down her rather quickly, hence my gnat comment. And to be honest, since you're new, all we have to judge you on is your posts. People haven't had a chance to get to know you. That takes time. If you move forward people will see you how you want to be seen. But you have to show that by posting. The forum can't magically know what you're like. And I haven't seen anyone treat you like crap outside of that topic. You made one mistake, it happens, plenty of people here have. It's how you handle it going forward that matters. So just prove you can bounce back. It's not the end of the world. In fact if you start posting again, I guarantee no one will mention it as long as you don't. Just pretend it never happened and everyone else will too.
  6. P.S. I was reporting Explorer Oak not SuXry, I actually thought SuXry was nice.
  7. No they're not!
    They all think I'm a "silly troll" .
    I don't even want to log in anymore!
    Even 1 of your mods can't stand me and has some sort of grudge against me and thinks I need "medical help" and "medication"

    I don't care anymore!
    Everyone thinks I'm an asshole and expects the worse from me!
    Everyone just judges me by my posts and doesn't get to know me properly so I couldn't care any less to what happens to my account!

    For all I know, you all properly wish me dead!

    I don't care if you think I'm "overreacting" or "oversensitive" or "too emotional" , I'm a human being too ya know!
    I have feelings!
    You all say "it's the internet" but that doesn't give any of you to treat your new members like crap 24/7!
  8. Swearing isn't going to get you into anything but more trouble. Please calm down. No one hates you. You no longer even have bad rep. Now I recommend removing the swear if you wish to stay. If you don't you're likely to get a warning or possibly even an infraction. If you give the board a chance you'll find the people here are pretty nice for the most part. Sure, you made a mistake, it's not the end of the world. Like SuXrys suggested, show the forum you can learn from your mistakes. After all, the forum has the memory span of a gnat. It'll soon blow over if you let it.
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