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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Sighanide

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  1. Well that stinks xD
    That guy was really annoying anyway, good riddance
  2. Yup
  3. Dang, was it funny?
  4. Already over, he got IP banned.
  5. May I watch him crash and burn with you?
  6. videogamer555
  7. Oh, I see xD
    I don't know the other two (thank god) but MegaAnimeFan was extraordinarily annoying, and I was surprised to find him still active.
    What does VG stand for?
  8. Vg is abc, megaanimefan, etc. Oh and now hentadropper.
  9. Not I, sir/ma'am.
    So, someone was spamming you?
  10. Unless you're the one doing all the spam then no.
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