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Conversation Between GameGeeks and RoZo

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  1. Yeah, even I don't think like that considering Rap and Hip-Hop where already quite popular when I was a kid. Though admittedly there was no auto-tuning. And how is my reply skeptical?
  2. Bah! This time and age with their "Rap" and "Hip-Hop"...

    This is coming from a 16 year old...

    I'd be surprised if your reaction wasn't skeptical... =p
  3. Trust me, it's unlikely you'll even hit 10 players. Most here are uninterested in that section.
  4. Meh, it seems tedious to have millions of users doing unimportant things... =/
  5. Um, why close a set up, you could always just have a bunch of other random characters about.
  6. Yeah, I decided I didn't like the char so I went a different route.
  7. I don't mind at all Mr. Geeks
  8. In your RP, mind if I simply kill off a King instead of having a politician in my back story?
  9. Mistah Geeks... [long time no see btw] anyways, thanks for informing that my image link is... being stupid...

    It's fixed now :o
  10. Your appearance image isn't working properly.
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