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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Kaitou+

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  1. Nice.
  2. I'm too gamegeeks to have posted earlier.
  3. Yikes. What made you return to the forums 2 years alter.
  4. You're right...I got lazy. (In a blog I said I was gonna use this for every absurd thing you said)

    Well, here's for every absurd thing you said...
  5. Yeah, but at the same time you have threads like asking who a person someone was cosplaying as when you could show anyone else it and they'd tell you without hesitation.
  6. No, I mean he's a hypocrite for calling Clayton's thread stupid.

    I would agree with you since I seen situations like that before but at the same time I think VG is just someone with nothing to do at all and comes here for attention, which people always give him. (and that gives him self-satisfaction)

    He's just a social reject.
  7. Yeah, but he never seems to grasp that despite all the hate he gets. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if he had some mental disorder.
  8. You probably checked this already but the irony is so heavy:
  9. GT has NOTHING to do with his problem of forgetting things though because he has done it multiple times.

    And my point flew over your head because we're talking "debates". Point blank, the fact he said "Happy Ending" renders the Super 17 Saga invalid....cause what happened to him there isn't so happy.

    That's like using all the inconstant filler to support arguments because "they happened" It doesn't work that way. And canon inconstancy us valid too cause, again i'ts cannon so Akira Toriyama could say that Goku died the day after the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai if he feels like it and it just throws GT out of the water even further. So what if Akira Toriyama says something that contradicts GT completely? Are you still going to use it as an argument against canon logic?

    Doesn't matter if you don't like Naruto but they take inconsistent filler to another level--So you're saying they should be used in a, again "a debate" and using against the own logic of the Mangaka?
  10. Yes, and it will still be relevant when talking about the anime. It happened. You can't sweep it under a rug. Just like you can't sweep a second season of another show even if it totally sucked while the first season was good. It may be the black sheep but it's still a sheep. And Akira is known for disregarding and forgetting lots of things. Launch comes to mind. Not to mention he doesn't have control over the anime. The manga, yes, but not the anime. He serves more in a writer/consultant role. As for 17 that does makes sense though I still don't get why they couldn't just wish 16 repaired.
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