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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Gero50

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  1. Ah I see. Yah you'll wanna at least see the game first. As the show follows it very closely.
  2. Nope, haven't been able to play the game yet.
  3. Hay man. I know you like JRPGs quite a bit. I was just wondering if you have seen the Persona 4 anime.
  4. Oh ok.
  5. Trillian
  6. Oh one to login with all of them. I have used those in the past what do you use.
  7. Nope, I use an all in one program.
  8. Oh well I just was wondering Do you used any IMs these days.
  9. Not really, haven't signed on in over two months.
  10. Hay bro do you still go on MSN.
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