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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Bulf

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  1. Curious are you a member of this group?
  2. Their counterparts are fine
  3. Does it have to be superheros or can it be their counterparts?
  4. Yup!
  5. That's that one weird video game movie right?
  6. Well my sig is, but I can't get rid of the dancing's addictive @[email protected] And my usertitle is kinda I guess. I'm like 200% psyched for Wreck-It Ralph, and it has Bowser in it (Probably as a cameo), so...maybe? xD
  7. Well, used to be that your sig/avi/title would deal with Nintendo.
  8. Course not I'm wallowing in despair since I couldn't pre-order a WiiU before they sold out v_v
  9. Finally over your Nintendo obsession?
  10. Oh, no then. Save for the text, they look exactly the same to me.
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