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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. Yo hablo poco espanol y tu debes estudiar....
  2. Oh.. I need that.. I only use Yahoo because I can only have one messenger running at a time .__. my computer is a piece of worthless metal nearly.. x.X
  3. If by halftone you mean something like in your color wallpaper around her skirt. Though I did things the hard way and found searching DA for dot brush did the trick. >.< And Trillian is a program that lets you access contact lists from a variety of messengers such as MSN, YIM, AOL, etc. Beats having more then one messenger running at a time.
  4. I always end up missing your VM's.. and were you talking about something along the lines of halftone?? and I have no idea what trillian is but yahoo is fine.. It's the only one I use.
  5. Two questions, know any good scandot brushes and mind if I add one of your messengers to trillian?
  6. Meh, mine was 85% just cropping the sig.
  7. Ehhhh they just have the same type of color and they just blend in nicely.. If it wasn't for my bottom and top blue border.
  8. You mean the whole flower motif? The extraction in mine should have been moved over a bit but I'm too lazy to hook up my old PC and get the psd.
  9. Oh... True... Lol I didn't care at first then all of a sudden BOOM!.. ;__; yeah manz.. Lol ever noticed how similar our avy's are in the "view conversation"
  10. No, that's what happens when you step out your front door. Or in this case, load up your browser.
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