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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. D: Whaaaat... Wow... I haven't been on Yahoo so I didn't even notice (not only that but half the time you're invisible anyhoo) Well welcome back
  2. Actually I haven't even been home. I left the 16 and haven't been home till yesterday. Ended up having to play on a bad connection. Streaming was out of the question there. Lag was pretty bad.
  3. YOU! Quit playing Diabolo 3 and actually make one of our GFX classes. Due to many complications we had to entirely re-work our method.

    If tonights turnout doesn't turn out very good then the teaching/learning thing will probably be removed from any future plans.

    More details:

    Serated will be the demonstrator tonight at 7PM EAST. Just going over his way of doing things. I'm sure you'd enjoy it and learn a few new tricks.
  4. And who said you could do that?
  5. Its called having a good time
  6. You suck then.
  7. Earlier I was doing something now I'm at a bowling lane and then to winghouse and later citywalk at universal studios for the avengers
  8. Guessing you wont log on today?
  9. Need someone to pester. So get on. :|
  10. To inanimate objects?
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