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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. It was just this??? I posted the original image because the idiot thought I was trying to impose that kotona wasn't wearing any clothes... ftard.. x.X

  2. Till VG leaves, that's your greatest sig yet. And out of curiosity what was the original pic you posted towards VG?
  3. Ahahaha thanks. I wanted it to be a "I support lucky star" sig... Then I ran into that image with her on the computer watching the dance... So I totally changed my mind. :] I find it funny.
  4. Epic sig.
  5. Well the old Tom and Jerry didn't. The newer ones leave much to be desired. Same goes for the Newer Scooby Doo series.
  6. Oh those were the best. And tom & Jerry. Those shows never got
  7. Been trying to find old Looney Tunes episodes of Buggs and Daffy.
  8. Yup I still like a lot of the same stuff I did as a kid too... If it's not cute I don't really care for it hehehe

    I've been watching kenan and kel on youtube... Oh wow the
  9. Yeah, back then I was into either comedy or seeing things blown up. Come to think of it, I still am for the most part.
  10. xD Awhhhh I was HUGELY obsessed with the powerpuff girls beyond belief. But I understand you not being since... Well you are a guy and
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