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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. Yeah.. Last year though =D

    As much as he's annoying me he's keeping me on top of my game.. then again that probably makes me look like a major bishhh.. But I can't help but correct him every time he does something stupidzzz
  2. You still in high school I take it? And yeah, this is just bad, I kinda hope he leaves but till then I'll just twirl him around my fingers.
  3. I sense them to.. But not sure what to do about it... Like he's annoying me so much that when this kid was annoying me in class yesterday at the same time this kid was tickling me with a peice a paper.. I snatched the paper from him and slammed it on the desk. Everyone was like "Woah! She actually has some balls and got upset!" He's prying into mah lifessssss D:

  4. Yeah, just look at some of the footage from Iraq. Really if he's thinking about all this then it just shows that it has to be on his mind constantly which means I sense mental issues.
  5. Hun.. we LIVE in a world more violent than any anime/movie. Where do you think they get their inspiration from??? But yeah.. I really don't understand that guy no matter how much I try x.X Oh wow I just took my clothes off to change into more comfortable ones... I'm a pervert for stripping in my own room? Whaaaaa?
  6. According to him, he (now) and his parents thinks it's too violent. And looking at his comments to Ambu, he must think EVERYONE is a pervert. Oooh, I'm sucking on a popsicle, I must be one too.
  7. Yeah... I was like "oooookaaaay.... and whats worse is that in his post he referred to me as "that guy" and later on ask where I lived even though "Florida" is clearly under all my info everytime I post.... His parents didn't let him watch power rangers as a kid... LOL...
  8. Damn, trying to think of a short coming joke and nothing seems to fit him. And two things about the pic, is that a moogle and I like how she's covering that one girl's face in the vid. And I saw his edit, that fails as much as his him vs Ichigo thread and his samurai photo thread.
  9. Well I posted that then he said he'd back off after seeing clearly it was not of the sorts.. so then I changed it to a "victory!!!" sorta image to he backing off.............Then he went and made a thread about it .____. Either be bant or not allowed to make threads... please x.X
  10. Really, I never even considered that in your sig. Just goes to show you how stupid he actually is if he's thinking stuff like that. And I was confused since the pic you edited in was just two girls dancing, I was wondering how you could have had issues with it.
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