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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. That's probably VG, I've also been "negged" by him. Just made me laugh.
  2. ooooh.... Lol I got a rep that said "fail post is fail" for the post impersonating VG about the image being too exposing.. luckily it was listed as neutral rather than negative so I didn't lose rep over it xD
  3. Works like this, anytime you see a guy in said suit, he dies.
  4. I guess that would be it.... I don't watch Star Trek so :/ yeah..
  5. You mean the guy in the red uniform in Star Trek, system.
  6. Yeah... I'm just like ARGGG!!?! Wheres a system that we can overthrow some guy off of our ship if enough people vote against it xD sorta like impeachment.. except he doesn't have any leadership -___-
  7. Aw, this:

    Do you want to learn how I became a better member and learned what to make threads about and what to not? I took other members negitive advice. I simply backed off learned the customs of this thread and then came out into the limelight. Not just post random crap and be like "I want to be active!! But I'm stupid so I can't do it right..." Well even if we agree with him about crap that just makes us stupid as well. So it's a lose lose situation going on here.

    Was my goal.
  8. You can't reason with someone like him.
  9. Pshhhhh doesn't bother me anymore if I say it out in the threads or not... I'm past trying to be reasonable with that idiot...
  10. I was tempted to do that, instead I posted on their profile instead.
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