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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. Not weird for me. I've met women with similar personalities in the past. But you still tend to make assumptions if you don't know since text tells little.
  2. I know... Well even when I do realize she's a girl... Her set and personality still throws me off allllll the time x.x I've been corrected before so that's how I know. I thought the same..

    Normally if they do not have their gender posted I basically assume they are genderless aliens or look for details in their post to determine xD weird I know.
  3. DO'H! Gender should be mandatory on forums.
  4. Oh.... ps.. I read the convo between you and VG.... Eris = a girl... lol
  5. I know right??? Hopefully he'll quit someday. But I guess it's those one or two people that baby him that makes him stay. :/
  6. Yeah, which I commented on to Eris on his profile. He just doesn't seem to grasp that what he's doing is stupid and annoying. You'd think the fact that he gets hassled for every thread he makes that he'd quit. And if he's trying to troll then he's failing miserably at it.
  7. I know right??? Does he think AF should wait on him hand and foot? And technically that was a post game which automatically should result in just a lock down. Very confusing game at that.... Not sure where the picture of the girl or topic about bugs fit into asking a question per 24 hours? Least... thats what I understood about it.
  8. Yeah, now he's asking for a mod to clean the thread up like he really doesn't believe Eris is a mod. And of that section to boot.
  9. We couldn't agree more :] I'm just like "really now???" Lulz. Wow that was just way too funny to even get mad at.
  10. Yeah, cat and mouse and you can guess who the cat is. Even if Eris wasn't a mod, that still isn't a smart move.
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