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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. Well first they need to make an awesome product.. Strip it of it's features.. Sell that.. a few months later add a few of the key features.. A few more months later come out with the original idea.. Then start from step one. x.X
  2. Yeah, Apple needs to stop being stingy before that happens though.
  3. I got a free Macbook from my college I got accepted to.. So hey no arguments about that. xD

    But they are a pain for what I like using a computer for.. I'd rather spend the same money for a decent PC rather than to a mac that is so limited at this point of time. Eventually I see it being as universal as the PC but it's going to take a while probably.
  4. He only had one person back him up and that was just with the pricing. Though that image confirmed I'll never own a mac.
  5. I have NO idea.. And who gets all defensive of being called an Apple fan boy for making an Mac OS superior thread. o.O I dunno I own both so I really don't care. It's just very funny to see his arguments have like 0 support with them. >.> The way he reacts though... priceless..
  6. Yeah, though if he owns a PC, what was the point of that thread? Trolling? Well he kinda failed at that if that was what he was after.
  7. Indeed.. It gives you that little bit of..Awesomeness.. Feeling.. If you know what I mean xD
  8. I love people like that. This forum could use more people like that.
  9. Indeed. I'm getting amusement from it.. It's just silly to see someone try so hard to prove someone wrong but he just keeps getting proved more and more wrong himself.
  10. Yeah, I kinda got that with VG555. Glad to see he disappeared. Nah, I agree with what you say, just personally finding the whole thing to be a bit funny. Guy even kinda reminds me of VG555. Though not as bad.
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