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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. He tells me I need to experiment. >.< Don't think I've done the same style sig yet.
  2. Yup.. He always nags me and seung about being too comfortable with our styles etc. etc. Sooo when ever I feel a need to tell someone their things look the same I think of serated xD and his nagging.
  3. "go all Serated on you"

    Who knew that was a thing.
  4. D: I'm not sloooow!!!! Lol I don't know I sorta like the boxyness. Lol sooooo 6 hours have passed. Hows your day! =D
  5. Don't like how the data for VMs are just borders either. As for Daken, you're just too slow. Now my day? Don't know, just woke up. Ask me again in six hours.
  6. Oh.. Yeah.. I've noticed that xD I don't like the little square icon it has in my browser. Because I navigate tabs by their icon and this icon isn't AF's icon and I always skim over my AF tab looking for it D:

    in any case. That daken guy is getting on my nerves. He is taking like all the request in the request forum D:

    >.> except the request that I can't do because it's not in my style D: whaaaaaa -whines- lol xD

    How's your day?
  7. Ace is messing with the layout again.
  8. I don't use it.. But I could try it here n there
  9. Not one for the distort filter are you?
  10. Sadly nope. I get done with something I flatten it and go on my way
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