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Conversation Between -Ro- and Scruffy

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  1. Lemme know when you're finished downloading/making one. :]
  2. I totally saw the change in you from your previous games, almost like you weren't the same player, same goes for Kaitou :P (as in improved not wolfy~)

    Aww you didn't have to do that xD. It was the same for me, I was going to save checking you for last.

    Since my 2 hour download for SP2 is over time to get MSN
  3. Improved? o:

    I am deeply flattered. Even blushing a little bit xP

    Y'know, I did keep you around in the game though. I was going to elect to kill Kaitou, animeyay, and you, as that would be the logical thing to do as mafia, but I wanted to have some fun. Besides, I couldn't bring myself to kill MG <3

    Hopefully you can hop on MSN whenevah. I'm almost always on.
  4. It is sad but I'm glad you at least tried to play one last time here. It was pretty fun seeing the newer improved version of Scruffy ;D
  5. Yeah. Well, there's no point in playing, I've been exposed. xD

    Sadly. At least some laughs were had :P

    You did? D'aww <333

    I think I'll make my leaving thread tomorrow or something, then. Maybe by the end of this week, actually, if I get busy.
  6. Oh you were going to get modkilled? I thought it was funny too lol.

    xD well guess there's a new biggest derp in town (the host)

    I knew you were too. I just felt so bad for v10 or whatever so I checked Kaitou instead of you <3

    I already asked for my modkill. I didn't want to leave on AF like this. xD
  8. no freaking way... oh well so much for this wolf :P
  9. Lemme know when you've added me or something. :3
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