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Conversation Between animeyay and Hakoshi

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  1. I wish i could post a random thought on wolf game thread xD
    sadly dead people cant post... ._.
    lol game seems to be getting intense
  2. we'll have to see~
    the game is quite unpredictable, so it could last very short or very long
  3. lol
    that might be a while then xD
  4. whenever this one's over :P
  5. lol
    whens next wolf game?
  6. it's more likely to be a Townie anyway since there are more of them lol
    don't worry, just play with us~
  7. what if im high rank again ....

    :v i'd be scared lol..
    even though a townie or independant would be fun xDD
  8. it's all random, but you probably won't be~
    the odds of you being the alpha wolf twice in a row are very slim
  9. just hope next time... im not a high ranked wolf..
    so much stress...
  10. please do~
    I will hunt you down if you don't >
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