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Conversation Between animeyay and Scruffy

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  1. Truthfully, what I held against you, as I said, was foolish. xD

    It had nothing to do with you as a person. I still consider you a pretty good pal, and a bro. :3
  2. ok, just checking~
    one last thing and I'll shut up: I'm not the type to hold anything against people (unless they did something horribly wrong against me), so you are always welcome to talk me =D
  3. Pretty sure you just did xD

    I am. However, it is foolish and therefore needs not be discussed.
  4. can I just cut to the chase and ask whether you are holding something against me?
  5. Whatevs. :/
  6. com'on, one or two posts won't hurt, since the host seems to be okay with it...
    Tsuki. did it a lot more anyways =D
  7. Posting after you've ALREADY DIED. >__>
  8. so what did I do this time that got on your nerves? ._.
  9. ok ok, sorry, then, I'll remove it...
    forgive me
  10. When you post things like "I knew they'd kill me all along! EVERYTHING WENT ACCORDING TO PLAN!" against someone on a team that had little chance of winning to begin with, yes, there is a need.
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