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Conversation Between animeyay and battousai_ryuu

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  1. Yeah, chat is really active....or it's dead xD Seems you picked a good time to pop in
    Np about being busy. I'm so busy during the day with class I'm almost never on.
    I'm much more of the "night owl"
  2. never knew there were so many people who were more active in Chat than in the actual forum lol
    like I told her, I'll drop by when I can, but I'm usually so busy lol

  3. Yes, what Dark says D<
    and by head....she means head of cabbage ^_^
    Or does she?!?!

    Nice having ya in chat. Hope to see you again
  4. I"m sorry I couldn't contribute more. I'm gradually gaining more experience.
    This Wolf game seems pretty intense. I learned alot! I'm looking forward to the next one.
  5. ugh! like half of the people are so apathetic that it makes me wanna scream! lol but thx~
  6. I guess it was xD
    Good luck with the rest of the game!
  7. haha yes, 'cause it was too funny XD
  8. I"m assuming you sent the rep?
  9. the city Guangzhou? that's the capital of Guangdong (Canton) province lol. sadly, I lived in Canton for 4 years but did not learn how to speak Cantonese. I can speak Mandarin fine though~ (after 14 years I should be haha)
  10. Ah, I don't think she has been to either of those places. I know she has been to Hunan and Gaungzouh (sp?) province.
    You must be fluent in Chinese I imagine, you studied Japanese too, yes
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