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Conversation Between animeyay and Suzume

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  1. Hi how r u today anime
  2. Arigathu.
  3. this site looks promising. (level 4 is the easiest)
    only thing is, it doesn't give the stroke order, so learning to writing might be a bit difficult...
  4. Ic can u tell me a site where i can learn kanji?
  5. hello! you were asking where I learned kanji?
    I learned to write kanji since I was 3, because my first language was Chinese. ;D
    I learned how to pronounce Japanese kanji by reading song lyrics =D
  6. Hi yay how r u? Tell me where did u learn kanji?
  7. Nothing new. My exams r coming soon. Did I surprise u Anime?
  8. did you change your name? didn't recognize who you were until I viewed our previous conversations lol.
    what's going on?
  9. Long time no see.
  10. if you pass the test, you'll be able to submit lyrics to songs on
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