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Conversation Between animeyay and Suzume

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  1. oh I see, well good luck still! just don't stress yourself out over it.
    no, when you pass, you become Lyrics Submitter lvl1 (for romaji) or lvl2 (romaji + English translation). you only become an admin at the discretion of the animeforum's super administrator and/or at other admins' recommendation =D or at least that's how I think it works lol
  2. S but I can only do it when i'm in Dubai coz my laptop won't work. I can't even change my ava or somethin like that when I want to. We get to become a lyric admin after passing the jp test?
  3. oh yea, that one turned out too easy, so they decided to switch to a harder one...
    do you plan on submitting lyrics or something?
  4. The haruhi test was much easier and I translated most of it and now a new test.
  5. S anime lyrics test.
  6. which test are you referring to? the animelyrics test?
  7. Yay san thx. JP test has become harder.
  8. haha yes, "sparrow" XD
  9. hi yay san do u like my profile name now?
  10. pretty good. just being stubborn and refusing to go to bed even though it's already 1 am haha. you?
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