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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. Gackt!! ネ申
  2. There seem to be more than enough human roles for everything, so I guess I'll use them. Although it might be a good idea to incorporate personas as well, hmm...
  3. are you gonna use some Personas too, or just human characters?
  4. Aww thanks ;_;

    I'm already drawing up the roles, feel free to come up with new ones ^^
  5. ahhh yea, time zone...
    nah don't worry, I'll help out~
  6. Oops I didn't think of that lol >< Nah, with the fairly large time zone gap and stuff, most of the activity will be going on when I'm asleep, so I won't be able to monitor the thread and stuff. I can understand how it would be more fun to play~ :3 It's all right, maybe I'll ask Xey or Kaitou or something...?

    EDIT: Non-related, but...if you look at your last post on my page, it sort of looks like Rei is wearing a penguin mask. Lol.
  7. ehhhhhhhhhhh, are you afraid you won't have enough time? lol
    to be honest, I would rather play that than host, but sure, if you need a hand, I'll cohost it with you
  8. Persona 3 wolf! >=D co-host?
  9. xD At least RyuTama was on the same page as you. He's gotten good o_o
    Well they're either derp townies or wolves in disguise who thought it a good way to be rid of me. Uta's vote right at the end was suspicious though~

    Eheh thanks xD I was being an obvious jester lol~ I didn't actually feel like helping the town much this time, actually
  10. wow, can't believe the Town actually lynched you O.O
    I swear the Townies this round are so mistrustful of me >.>
    I already said I think you were the Jester like 3 days ago,
    did anyone believe me? NO D:

    anyway, good job for already having obtained victory lol
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