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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. Error in Fatal Frame IV~ Zero no Chouritsu is supposed to be the Extreme Mode Ending Theme. Thanks :3
  2. I picked two random songs submitted by her to check, and I didn't see any noticeable errors, so even if she really is tsubasa, she certainly has improved a lot

    seriously, I could swear your background was something else until yesterday lol. Xey probably would be complaining about the lack of non-Crypton Vocaloids (save for Gakupo), a sentiment I share. Crypton Vocaloids are popular, but there are other Vocaloids with better sound quality out there. :x
  3. That and the spammy translits. Yep, leave her be for now~

    Thankd, but you noticed only now? xD also...Gakupo is the only non-Crypton vocaloid in the picture lol. Probably because of his katana...
  4. so I wasn't the only one crazy here XD
    yea...I saw that Syaoran avatar and I was like, uhhh tsubasa?
    but, so far she hasn't caused any problems, so I guess we'll just keep one eye closed for the time being?

    nice background btw *u*
  5. Why do I get 黒宮 ツバサ vibes from this...
  6. thank you my dear~
    I have a bad case of lazy transliterator/translator syndrome lol
  7. I've noticed this in Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere: If 'temaneku nazo no koe' is 'An enticing mysterious voice drifts in.' then what about 'temaneku kimi no koe?'
  8. Nope, I was trying to combine Gackt's and Gakupo's names together, since it's Gackt dressing up as Gakupo xD but it looks like a super rendered version of Gackt anyway lol

    Indeed. :3
  9. you mean it's an artist-rendered image of Gakupo, not the real Gackt?! O.o I could hardly tell. and hehe, ネ申 is the fattened version of 神 =P
  10. はい、ガクトぽいどです xD

    Inspired by his version of Paranoid Doll. Also isn't that ne and some other character,? :3
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