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  1. yea, nowadays "can" is starting to replace "may", "could", etc., so I first put "can", but then was too lazy to go back and change it... but since you pointed it out XD
  2. Ohh I see...thanks! And for Gugurekasu, the part with, 'How can I know?!' would probably sound better as 'How should/would I know?!"

    Wow never thought of it as role-playing. =D It should go under the role-playing section. I bet it'd go on for ages... ><
  3. okay, it seems you forgot to put in the track number for SOU CORE, and when even just one track in an album is missing the track number, then the other tracks' track number will become hidden and not show up as well. should be okay now.

    and XDDDDDDDDDD I wasn't expecting the prom people to actually take it that far haha. they were all doing imaginary things there and fully enjoying it too. serious role-playing is serious. =x
  4. I've realised something strange...Under the AVTechNO! section there are no track numbers for the tracks in an album (though I remember putting them in...). And the AF prom thread has grown into a monster while I wasn't around. xD
  5. oh ok, sounds good then! =D
  6. Yep. At first I did think that it was 'Hitomi' too, but the singer sings it as 'Me', so...
  7. hey, are you sure "カメリアの瞳" is Kameria no Me and not Kameria no Hitomi?
    I mean I'm too lazy to go download the song and listen lol... but just making sure, since there's no furigana in the title
  8. Muahahaha. All the more I should do it. It'll be great in a...very interesting way? Lol.

    Lol o_O but they should know that Aleyna isn't a wolf...or she could be a really really good one lol. Lynching players for talking a lot is strange...
  9. oh my, psychopathy to its extreme...the music of that song is kinda meh, but the words are so bloody bloody, mixed with homicide and cannibalism. O.O

    when I play Mafia with people in real life and real time, it's always the quiet ones that get suspected first, so for this Wolf game I was playing in the same manner I did for real-life Mafia games. apparently it doesn't work the same, as I found out the hard way haha. like today, too, Aleyna was being unusually talkative, so she got lynched >.>
  10. Scarlet Ballet! But not much else. =P Nakajima Megumi will have a new release, but I dunno if I'll do it...Also I just found this song by accident, and it looks interesting, but I guess I'll have to do a FAKE on this one since I can't find the lyrics.

    I found it quite okay, you were just excited, after all. It's a good thing ^^ Apparently I was a fail wolf, they only failed to call me out early in the game because I was too quiet for them to gather any solid evidence... >_> Oh well, there's always the next game!
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