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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. I think I just messed up my submission for Bianca...there's no 'zutto' at the very end. >_<
  2. Indeed.

    Like I said, I suck at proofreading my own work XD. Thanks for pointing that out for me!
  3. Indeed.

    Makes for interesting lyrics~ and lol, you put --keeping coming over~
  4. mao really likes singing as a girl

  5. *(Please keep coming over.) :3
  6. Lol~ Here. The black cat is cute. :3
  7. I wasn't able to find a full version of the PV, and I was too lazy to google extensively for it... but I do remember a black cat, to which I was like, "ooooookay......?" lol
  8. Lol yeah, always xD the PV's interesting, have you seen it? :3
  9. hahaha, Mizuki Nana's lyrics are ALWAYS hard to understand. honestly, I hardly understood what she was trying to say in any of her songs (including METRO BAROQUE)
  10. Woah Metro Baroque's lyrics are complicated. @[email protected] Lyricist Nana is at it again~
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