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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. And you were right about gendou =o for example, they'd take only the translit for the Steins;Gate ending theme even though there's a translation right beside it on our site.

    Edit: Well since I'm a member on the site, I'll just abuse my rights and edit it. I was surprised to see that Azure's been on that site just as long as I have
  2. hahaha, that's how Hikarin always addresses me "兄" =3

    and yea, that English translation basically says the same thing: "I don't think your opinion is wrong", so "I think your opinion is fine." XD I don't see any errors
  3. Perhaps-- wait, I thought ani was just a nickname. But I don't mid. =3

    Oh...that's funny. It came from a game, and in the English version they translated it as "I think I believe that what you were saying isn't wrong." So technically the sentence supposed to have some syntax errors, though I don't know how it goes in Japanese...
  4. eh? now I have two sisters? XD yay!
    that seems to be an ultra polite way to say 言った意見でいいです。
    言う → お言い, 意見 → 御(ご)意見, よろしいです → よろしゅうございます
    "Your opinion is fine/good."

    yoroshuu is from yoroshii. it's a very old-sounding polite form that only comes together with gozaimasu. hayai (early) → o-hayou gozaimasu (good morning).
  5. Ani, what does 「お言いの御意見で、よろしゅうございます。」 mean? I don't exactly know, but the sentence structure seems...weird...
  6. don't forget the Wolf game~ don't want you inactive-killed =D
  7. Inorite? And the title sounded so promising. I hope natsuP isn't losing her touch.

    And I think I've made a mistake with the title of the vocaloid song, Gekkou no SUTEEJI. It's just Gekkou SUTEEJI.
  8. *sad face* Arrest Rose did not live up to my expectation of SCL Project. ;_;
    I demand the former glory of Vana'Ice be restored )=O
  9. It was a coincidence. xD I went to Kasi-time in the middle of a busy day and saw that the lyrics were out, so I just decided to do them since they looked easy. It might also have to do with the fact that the time gap between Singapore and Japan is only one hour apart... :3

    Yup, I've noticed that, too. It just shows how little attention they pay to their lyrics, lol.
  10. oh wow, how are you always so quick on newly released lyrics? o.O
    I was wondering when the songs for the remaining three maidens (Star Driver) would be released, and one more just came out today.
    I'll add the translation AFTER sweetslyrics' done stealing that song, 'cause I noticed they don't steal the translation if it's added later XD
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