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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. おお! Though I don't really wanna call you that. Sounds too...cute xD

    Ooo lol what did you buy? Eager to hear it, 'cause I've never been to one. Though I think I'd spend too much money, as well. :3

    Vocaloid 3 sounds a little too realistic, like there's real human vocals backing it -frowns- but I don't know yet, of course.

    And I was thinking of doing 'Lucent Wish' from EastNewSound, but I'm not very familiar with the doujin circles yet, so I'm wondering if a new section could be created? (I have the nagging feeling that the songs may be rearrangements, though.)
  2. yes, apparently "Hello Kitty" is my new nickname now XD

    the con was soooo much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it, again, except for the fact that I spent way too much money, again. =x now I gotta wait for one full year for the next one! I wanna cry~

    and that song looks legit to me, only, its lyrics are tentative (unofficial), so you probably wanna wait for the official version. apparently that song is gonna be used for the PSP game Seventh Dragon 2020.

    Vocaloid 3...makes me sad because I cannot bear the thoughts of some Vd2 characters be slowly forgotten...>.< ok ok, melancholy aside, the samples did sound somewhat more realistic than Vd2, but I have yet to see a drastic improvement
  3. Lolwut hello kitty---

    Anyway, how was the con? :3

    And I need to ask if this is a valid song... Also, about Vocaloid 3: any views on it? ^^;
  4. Lol the perfectionist calling me that...? And blargh! Messiah really is worse than Aigan =P though I don't know which one I find more disturbing...Ren as a boytoy or as the perp. lol.
  5. oh the arrangement of your contribution? I don't think anyone has any control over how it's arranged lol. it's automatically compiled by the system =D

    and you're scaring me now with how much detail you remember =x
  6. Lol. That was bad? I didn't detect anything particularly - explicit in it. Um mainly the lyrics on my page - now it's J-Pop -> Anime -> Doujin -> Game
  7. that song looked okay-ish, still, not as bold as "messiah or desire", which I kinda wanna translate just for the lulz. and eh? which song was rearranged? (I know I didn't)
  8. True... >< But they put so much effort into the song, I thought that I'd do them justice lol. Sweetslyrics...they haven't stolen it yet D: Also, there's something implicitly wrong with this song lol. >///> If sweetslyrics steals it, they don't know what they're getting themselves into, lol.

    Edit: Also...when did my lyrics get rearranged (?)
  9. the credits for Alice turned out to be humongous anyway lol. as for Nenchakukei Danshi, it was originally sung by Miku, so it should go under Miku. VY2's was a cover version.

    ps, am waiting patiently for sweetslyrics to steal the romaji to Alice before I add my translation.
  10. Finally finished it! I wanted to add the different scene credits (since they had those at the end of the cute video), but it would've have been too much, so I settled for an obscene amount of Miku Appends instead, lol.

    And about this song, I'm not sure if it should go under Hatsune Miku or VY2. ><
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