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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. I like how you actually keep track of your rep points~ people have been using rep less and less since "Like" and "Thank" are so much more convenient and direct

    yea, I saw you mention you just finished Kuroshitsuji? you used this picture of Ciel a while back as your profile pic, so this came as a surprise =D
  2. Lolwut I can't even find the person because the member search function hates me >_>;; are you sure it's not just you? Basically only you, Eris and Kaitou Ace have enough rep power to give someone a 100+ rep.

    Edit: Found her. Now I don't know how someone with just 40+ rep power could give me that sense.

    Not to mention the anime opening is really nice ^^★ and describes the story of kuroshitsuji well.
  3. uhhhh no, the most recent rep you got was from "animeseishi"... "seishi" could mean sperm, which I hope is not his/her original intention O.O;;

    eh? I don't see why you can't put up Monokuro no Kisu for the SID page. lots of anime songs have duplicates in another section. btw Monokuro no Kisu is THE song that introduced me to SID when I heard it from Kuroshitsuji =)
  4. Lol did you just rep me? :3

    And I seriously want to do Monokuro no Kisu for the SID section, but I wonder if it'll get rejected? (・_・`)
  5. That's very true ^^ though I do check it very often lol. Maybe we should have a page only for transliterators/translators...but there are loopholes to this idea too ^^;;

    I have no idea lol. Maybe because I badmouthed them on my blog? Hmm...
  6. maybe we should just completely remove the "Updates" page? most content-hogging sites, like you said, steal from our updates, so if we stop showing them our updates, then there'd be no way for them to steal. honestly, I doubt most people check the Updates page. I think I should first ask Azure what he thinks.

    and eh? what did you do to sweetslyrics? XD what did they block you?
  7. Yeah, it is, down to the very phrasing and capatalizations. I found a few other sites that totally copied and pasted my lyrics for those, too. Such as this site. He/she literally copies and pastes from our updates page, and gendou cites them. I hope we can do something about it soon...hey, isn't there this thing that prevents people from right-clicking on your site? Such as that used on kasi-time. That would be helpful. Which brings me to this: Is it possible to hide my submissions? I don't mind if they're not seen at all. (But it might be troublesome for other translators to see... ^^;

    Lol they're either really clever or they can't tell where the lyrics are originally from, and don't care about the hard work people put into the lyrics. Yeah. >_>

    ...Also, it seems that sweetslyrics has blocked my IP address, lol. Never mind, I can still use my iPhone lol
  8. ahahahahahahahaha it just goes to show neither sweetslyrics nor some subbers bother to check the accuracy of the song...>.> which makes me angry, but it's not like there's much we can do about it.

    I'm almost done translation Junketsu Paradox (today is my lyrics dump day). whew, it's another difficult piece, just like most other Mizuki Nana songs. =x

    PS is this completely stolen from you? the gendou people, being the wonderfully smart bunch that they are, cited this site instead, which I immediately recognized as stolen from you...
  9. Lol, just saw this karaoke version of 純潔パラドックス on YouTube with romaji. I was reading it and happily thinking that they used my lyrics till I read somewhere in the middle: Read more at sweets lyrics. Well that left me speechless >_>
  10. late reply is late lol, sorry I was busy with my FFX. =x

    anyway, I bought two anime wall scrolls (one Soul Eater, and one Vocaloid), a Nyan Cat T-shirt for my sister, and a fox/Kyuubi hat (much like this) that I'll wear when it gets cold. one of my friends said he'd never have the guts to wear a hat like that in public, while another friend of mine called me a furfag lol. I don't personally care what people say. I already have a panda hoodie, so a fox hat is nothing new XD

    and those songs should be fine. I don't know that circle (EastNewSound), either, but their songs seem to be related to Touhou again.
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