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  1. Yeah...our generation in singapore has never really faced hard times, due to the government's extensive planning. People just keep on finding new things to bitch about. The US is currently much, much worse off... No it's not illegal, just not great for general racial cohesiveness. Like just recently, we had this:

    I do hope we can get Kaitou Ace to really look into it. Either that, or they could have created an AF account. Maybe something to hack through the new updates page, at the very worst.
  2. wow sounds like Singapore is also starting to debate whether foreigners are stealing away their jobs. the same thing is happening in the US. ugh, I understand how they feel though. when the economy is staggering, everyone starts looking for things/people to blame. I saw that link on fb, and my friend who posted it said "Should I call the police?" and I was like, "Wait, is it illegal to hang the flag of another country now? O.O"

    and yea...sweetslyrics...can't say I wasn't awed by their amazing thieving ability, but i wonder how they even managed to steal more lyrics. I'm not even so sure now if they use a bot or have someone physically add the songs >.> I'm sure Kaitou Ace can figure it out if he actually looks into the problem. worse to come, maybe we should just remove the Update page after all lol
  3. Oh. It looks like some hater against our current ruling party (the People's Action Party) and their policy on bringing in foreign talent. (in this case, the quality of the foreign talent.) So basically this person thinks that it's an act of spite for this chinese national to hang up a Chinese flag instead of a Singaporean one during what was our national day period, and is trying to sway people to join...that opposition party. There's been quite a lot of controversy on foreign talent stealing Sjngaporean's rightful jobs, and I suppose this links up because chinese students here are very hardworking.
  4. oh, what's the deal with this?
    I'm so confused, and I'm not Singaporean enough to understand what's going on...
    (actually, I'm just not Singaporean lol)
  5. hehe, yes! I was going for the rainbowy look. now if only I can find a rainbowy background... XD
  6. I mixed up the original song for [Fuudou Seika, Reimei no Kei]. It's supposed to be 少女が見た日本の原風景, [Shoujo ga Mita Nihon no Genfuukei], if that's correct.

    Lol your color hurting my eyes xD でも、あなた今のセットが似合ってたね。
  7. Yeah, I'll admit Alois seems pretty annoying, even as a first impression, lol =x Her voice becomes more obvious when she does whispers, haha. I was surprised that Sakamoto Maaya voiced Ciel, after listening to Triangular. Her voice is high *_* lol I can't decide if I mind spoilers for this or not. >///< but seriously, I felt that season 2 ruined the ending of season 1. Ciel revived lolwut-

    Yeah, though they already have the first version. 'By Kuroshitsuji', lol.

    I guess I've used that avatar here before, huh? Lol I knew it was you when you mentioned AD; also because of your name. We're the only chinese major lyrics submitters...? Lol
  8. ohhh? he was voiced by Mizuki Nana? I wonder how I managed to miss that when I first watched it? I was probably too engrossed in my rage to care who voiced him, hehe. and I despise the ending to Kuroshitsuji II, I really do... =(

    the translation for Monokuro no Kisu in the Kuroshitsuji section is pretty good already, but there are still a few misinterpreted parts, so I guess I should do my own version. I shall get on with the translation today, since surely sweetslyrics' done stealing the romaji lol.

    PS. yesterday I was like, "Who's Cheryl?" then your profile pic gave it away. =D
  9. I would rep you, but I need to spread some around first. ^^

    Yep just now. About three years late. xD I used the pic because I though the art was good, but of course I knew where it was from...haha, the self-centered blonde brat is voiced by mizuki nana, as I just found out a few days ago (lol slow).

    Are you going to translate Monokuro no Kiss?
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