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Conversation Between animeyay and SuXrys

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  1. Wasn't it you who was supposed to "attack" me? Come on... Im ready!

    Credit for you for recognicing Germany!
  2. lol alrighty! XD
    I will attack you tomorrow then1 good night! ;D
    (ps I recognized Germany and Gintama)
  3. Victim? O_O Oh my God no way!!

    I am just fine, but tired. Time is 04.35 a.m here so I am on my way to the bed to sleep (it's about time for that now, haha!) and I come from and lives in Sweden. Are anxious awaiting for what my perpetrator will attack me with next. But what ever that is its answer must wait since im of to sleep now because of obvious reasons... Goodnight!
  4. I decided I need to talk to more people, so you're my next victim =D
    How are you doing? and where do you live?
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