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Conversation Between animeyay and SuXrys

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  1. Something wrong with that picture? D:
    Now you are just hurting my feelings
  2. got distracted by your Tamaki pic on Ribbon's wall lol
  3. So true )
  4. 'tis a perfect example of mankind's innate tendency to torture others >=D
  5. Hahah yeah... arn't we both just amazing? xD
  6. I like how right after we expressed our aversion to One Piece's art style, we gave each other One Piece-related gifts XD
  7. blond hair and blond hair... are you sure about that? Here i am considered cendré? (mix between brunett and dark blond) but im usually called brunett if they have to choose. So light brown hair here in Sweden - but according to people from the "warmer countries" like... Italy and such.. I am blond. Cool how your hair colour can change regarding to the people you are talking to at the moment hahha! Why did the girls stared at him?

    It's ok that you do that - it is little like that anyway.
  8. lol I actually remember that episode, though it's been a while since I watched Family Guy.

    back to topic, Sweden? I've seen several Swedish people here on AF, and I met two in real life when I was studying abroad in Japan. those were the typically blonde-hair and blue-eyed Swedish guys lol, although one of them said he got tired of being stared at dreamily by Japanese girls, so he dyed his hair red =x I've also met a guy from Finland, too, and to this day I still treat Normay, Sweden, and Finland as one entity lol (no offense to your sovereignty)
  9. .... couldn't help myself! xD

  10. And you just lost the staring contest ;D
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