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Conversation Between animeyay and SuXrys

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  1. what kind of question was dat? :P
    of course I like pokemon

    that's what I play on my bus when I'm bored out of my mind, ehe
  2. You really do like Pokemon, don't you?

    Somehow ~ I came to think about you.
  4. for example, that Cosmo icon I made was from this "stock" picture:

    I made the background transparent, resized it to 48x48, and flipped it to get that small speaker/icon picture~
  5. What ever you are trying to make me look like, I am innocent!

    *pretends to be asleep*

    What kind of pictures? Im not so good at stuff like this. *sobs*
  6. lololol you silly gooseling! no, "stock" as in some already-available pictures of Hetalia characters so that I can modify them into small icons.
  7. "stock"? Stock picture? ... a picture of a stock? [sees the swedish meaning of the word].

    Here you go ~ ^_____^ *feels happy of being able to help you*

  8. lol I'm gonna need stock pictures, though
    I obviously can't just draw things out of thin air~
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