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Conversation Between animeyay and SuXrys

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  1. and where exactly are you going with that question?
    don't stare at my head too much, please. it makes me shy and uncomfortable~
  2. hmmmm..... *stares at you*
    Have anyone told you that you have a very nice headshape before?

  3. why try to get the old one back when you could go "make" a new one? ;D
    all you need is a human, dead or alive~
  4. 620.000? That's really many..... x_____x
    No... my mother throwed away my skull cup - she didn't though it was 'clean' enough... *burst out in tear because I miss the cup*

    But I shall get it back.. someday
  5. lol I don't live in a city; my neighborhood isn't "incorporated". I live right next to Baltimore City though, which has a population of approximately 620,000.

    oh is that so? that's how you get to school? do you also happen to have a skull cup? XD
  6. How many lives in your city?

    And well why yes - that's how I get to school everyday. Back in my home town (I live in another city now thanks to my studies) I live pretty close to an old viking fort.
  7. everything's in my "About Me" section lol but I'll just tell you anyway. I live in Baltimore County, the 3rd most populous county in the state of Maryland, although I work in Montgomery County. not that all this would mean much to you since you live all the way in the great country of Sweden wearing your Viking helmet and rowing your Viking canoe :P

  8. I had a feeling you would feel like that. Lol ^^
    Hey, where in the states do you live?

  9. no...I'm deeply hurt that someone doesn't know Slowpoke
  10. *Pats you on the shoulder*

    Are you OK, even after Momo's comment?
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