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Conversation Between animeyay and SuXrys

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  1. No ಠ_ಠ

  2. but it has to be consensual...or else it's illegal ._.
  3. But but... Maybe I enjoy poking your goooooooooooorgeous smooth and white skin. What about my feeling? ;__;
  4. don't you feign ignorance now after you've laid your dirty finger on my delicate skin and sullied my taintless body
  5. Hentai? Please explain yourself, in as much details as possible if you can. ~ <3
  6. gyaaaaaa!! sexual harassment! hentai!
    stop poking my delicate body D=
  7. *pokes pokes pokes*
  8. 10 minute video? .... HUPP!!!! That is the first part of a movie that you can find on youtube my good sir! ;D It's some stories from the 'vikings'. Enjoy it in the form of cartoon - if you want.

  9. you can't possibly expect me to sit thru a 10-min video! XD
    summarize it in 10 words or less, if you would be so kind
  10. But maybe I like to stare at you? ;D And hey I can't help it; it's on my DNA
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